1. One player must remain in attacking half.
2. Short corners: 3 defenders v 5 attackers. Remaining defenders at half line cannot move over half line until the ball is moved from back line OVER the 23 metre line.
Penalty for breaking, loose one defender.
3. Long corners. As per FIH rule along the 23 metre line.
4. Penalty stroke. One on one. Attacker starts at 23, has 8 seconds to complete.
5.Goal. Once a goal is scored, team to restart may restart whenever they are ready. They do not need to wait until players are onside or for the umpires whistle.
6. Free Hits. We will not enforce taking free hit from the correct place. An allowance of up to 8 metres from infringement. Must attempt to stop the ball before playing.
7. High ball. Players may play the ball above shoulder height subject to danger considerations.
8. Advantage play will be encouraged.
9. Professional foul:(Bad tackles, unfair play, umpire abuse) Penalty. Short corner and yellow card.
10. Interchange to take place between 23's. Players must tag.