A tournament consisting of eight teams (four women’s and four men’s teams) playing eight
aside hockey with hybrid rules.

The eight teams will each have a MAJOR sponsor who will have naming rights to their

Each team will have a coach, manager and sponsor’s representative who will select their teams and these will be announced at the evening launch event.

Minor Sponsor - Sunday, 9 August 2015

Another great way to be involved in our charity event is to purchase tickets to go into our naming rights draw.

Each tickets costs $100 donation. you can purchase as many as you like in order to be drawn on launch night as the official naming rights sponsor of Hockey 8

like "Mcrae White Motors Hockey 8" who were our 2013 naming rights winner.

to be involved contact one of our committee members on our contacts page for further details

Major Sponsor - Sunday, 9 August 2015

to become a major sponsor requires a donation of $1,100 to purchase a team plus $400 for uniform

this gives you naming rights to a male or female team in the Hockey 8 event. it also gives you tickets to go into the draw to have the opportunity to be the official business named for that year we have had in the past "Fernwood Fitness Hockey 8" who was our inaugural naming rights winner in 2012